Louly Cassier

My Eyes for ChezSoi

During my travels, from the 80’s till now….

People i met.

Monks in forgotten monasteries, tribes that don’t exist anymore..

Undiscovered souls, pure then..

Now absorbed by tourism.

Pictures trough my eyes, taken with a simple camera.

Often a thin line between pictures, drawings or paintings.

Beauty and sometimes sad reality..

But the way it was..

Raw, no digital perfection, only nostalgic purity

Me and them..



Art for Chez Soi

I have been practicing art for 8 years now.

I have chosen to spend two whole years (2010-2011) in the Hautes Alpes in isolation to practice hiking while taking my sketchbook and a piece of charcoal with me. Settled for 7 years in Nice, I paint in the streets, close to people, even inviting them to take my brushes to accompany me on this trip. My aim is to bring painting and its practice to the heart of the cities, to make people more aware of the act of creation than of the final rendering of a work.

The richness of an environment is realised in its possible diversions of what composes it. Thus each object and structure can serve as a medium for creativity. A painted door can, by being rubbed, mark with its colour the canvas, or cigarette butts used as carbon pencil, flower petals and chlorophyll etc. The urban and rural landscape is an orchard of colour where everything in its properties imprisons a thousand and one functions and agents at the service of creation.

These works not only question the individual as a unique being, but also as an element evolving in a given environment, immersed in otherness. Thus, at the heart of each individual is revealed his empathic being, resulting from the absorption of experiences where the graphic act becomes a mediator allowing the public to discover the various facets of the life of the artist and his visitors. As a self-taught creative companion, I did not follow any private or public artistic training, wishing to favour a certain naivety in the process in order to undertake my own discoveries through error. Nevertheless, practising since my childhood the art of poetry, each work is accompanied by a few versified lines, translating the emotion lived during the period of creation.

His Creations

Chez Soi Art

Your interior Inspiration

Art is more than a painting on the wall, art is about your taste. From beautifully painted canvases to nice and unique pictures: find your art object or showpiece that makes your home personal. Happy walls make happy people. Your visual enjoyment of owning art will make you happy and ultimately enrich your life.

ChezSoi Design is your ideal partner to lift your interior to a higher level. We combine creativity and design with high quality materials. 

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